In New Showtime Doc Celebs Pretend Global Warming's Real & To Care About Texas

In New Showtime Doc Celebs Pretend Global Warming's Real & To Care About Texas

Hollywood big shots James Cameron, Harrison Ford, Don Cheadle, and Matt Damon will pretend to care about Texas in a nine-part Showtime miniseries that also pretends Global Warming is real. “Years of Living Dangerously,” which was apparently too stupid for HBO, begins its broadcast Sunday night.

The premiere episode, “Praying for Rain” sends Don Cheadle to Texas to examine a new Global Warming-era phenomenon called drought. There’s no word on how Cheadle got from Los Angeles to Texas. Hopefully, the burning of fossil fuels wasn’t involved. Numerous studies have shown that the burning of fossil fuels is the primary contributor of phony Global Warming hysteria.

Reuters reports that during the show Cheadle will meet with an Evangelical Christian without vomiting or bursting into flame.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will star and executive produce. Schwarzenegger’s last executive position is best remembered for making millions of Californians feel guilty for recalling Governor Gray Davis.

Harrison Ford will act as one of the documentary’s celebrity correspondents. Back in 2010, the environmental activist was criticized for taking a jet journey to buy himself a cheeseburger. Charges of hypocrisy are, however, unfair because in 2010 the actor still had his balls.

A 15-year cessation in warming has not only undermined the scientific Global Warming models that were used to create this phony hysteria, it has also put celebrities like James Cameron in a bind. A large part of Cameron’s sense of self-worth seems to come from his belief that he alone can save the planet. It certainly didn’t come from “Avatar.”


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