Williamson Gains Celebrity Endorsements in Tough CA-33 Race

Williamson Gains Celebrity Endorsements in Tough CA-33 Race

Marianne Williamson, bestselling author and Independent contender for the CA-33 Congressional seat, has been racking up celebrity endorsements in her effort to shore up support in the district’s tightly contested race, according to New York Times blog The 6th Floor.

Among Williamson’s most-recognized supporters are 33rd District residents and actresses Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, and Jane Lynch. The 6th Floor provided endorsement quotes from each of Williamson’s celebrity endorsers.

Jane Lynch offered the most glowing praise of Williamson: “I know that Marianne Williamson cannot be bought. And that she will vote from her heart, in combination with her brain, which of course is wisdom, and we need more wise people in Congress.”

Eva Longoria added: “I think it’s wonderful she doesn’t want to be beholden to this party, or that party, or this idea. She really believes that the power belongs to the people.”

Other celebrity personalities endorsing Williamson include health guru Deepak Chopra, former governor of Minnesota and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura, and fashion designer/TV personality Nicole Richie.

Ventura says of Williamson: “Marianne is the type of leader we need in Washington today. I commend her for running and support her 100 percent.”

Nicole Richie applauded Williamson’s direction and message: “I have had the opportunity to listen to Marianne, to get to know her, to listen to her message. And it’s given me the strength to send the right messages to my children, because the children of America are our future, and we need to make sure that we are not only living up to our past, but taking it even further.”

For his part, Deepak Chopra is coyly optimistic: “I just hope the public is ready for her. I think she speaks for an emerging consciousness.”

The primary for the 33rd District race will be held on June 3rd. The independent Williamson faces off against ten Democrats, three Republicans, two Independents, a Libertarian, and a Green Party candidate in the most crowded Congressional race in California.