'Saving Barack Obama': Parody Movie Posters Greet Obama In Los Angeles

'Saving Barack Obama': Parody Movie Posters Greet Obama In Los Angeles

President Obama is scheduled Wednesday to snarl Los Angeles traffic, receive another award he’s done nothing to earn, and attend a $64,000-a-plate fundraiser with people concerned about wealth inequality. The president can look forward to being greeted with “Saving Barack Obama” parody movie posters that take aim at the failed president and Steven Spielberg, the man bestowing the undeserved award.

The Free Beacon reports that the parody posters resemble the posters for Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan,” and feature Obama in silhouette against a sunset, bookended by two teleprompters. The poster reads, “It’s a Steven Spielberg Ploy.” The tagline reads, “The mission is a fraud.”

These are not guerilla-style posters like the “Obama-Joker” posters that littered Los Angeles in 2009. The “Saving Barack Obama” parody posters are appearing at bus stops in advertising display cases. As of now, the artist(s) are not known.

Anonymous artists also used their gifts in Santa Monica and at a golf tournament recently with a series of “Sub Par” posters that displayed a photograph of our failed president holding a golf club.

There is not yet official word on when exactly the media plans to declare the “Saving Barack Obama” posters racist.

We’ll update as we learn more.


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