California Senate Asks Obama to Stop Deportations

California Senate Asks Obama to Stop Deportations

Last week the California Senate passed a resolution calling on President Obama to stop the deportation of “undocumented immigrants” with no criminal history.

The resolution calls on President Obama to suspend deportations by executive order. It passed with bipartisan support last week on a vote of 27 to 3, making California the first state to issue such a resolution.

SR 40 was submitted by State Senator Lou Correa, who represents California’s 34th Senate District. His district is nearly 60 percent Latino.

“We should be helping immigrants that come to work hard and enrich ourcountry gain legal status and encourage their participation in our society and economy,” Correa said. He added, “I am proud that the California State Senate has taken the lead to advocate for reforming a broken system, and in doing so, supporting our families and strengthening our country.”

California’s Senate is currently considering a bill, SB1159, which would make it easier for undocumented immigrants to practice medicine. The bill would allow immigrants to use an employee identification number for licensing purposes as opposed to a Social Security number.