Jerry Brown: $21 Million. Tim Donnelly: $70k

Jerry Brown: $21 Million. Tim Donnelly: $70k

The disparity in the amount of cash available for gubernatorial candidates in California is staggering. 

Republican Neel Kashkari of Laguna Beach has collected roughly $4 million, with $1.4 million as cash in hand as of May 17. Nearly half of the money is his own. Much of the rest of his stash comes from financial firms such as Morgan Stanley, Capital One, the Carlyle Group, Leach Capital Corp., Baron Equities, and Goldman Sachs.

Kashkari’s rival in the June 3 primary, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly of Twin Peaks, has raised roughly $447,000 in the period from January 1-May 17 and has $70,015 in cash on hand.

Pat Melton, Kashkari campaign manager, said, “Neel is the only Republican candidate in this race with the resources to communicate with voters in these final days before June 3, and with recent polls confirming significant growth in Neel’s support, we are confident he will ultimately win on Election Night.”

Compare those numbers to California Governor Jerry Brown. Brown has amassed nearly $21 million.