Waxman Race: Anti-Cellphone Candidate Robo-calls Cell Phones

Waxman Race: Anti-Cellphone Candidate Robo-calls Cell Phones

BRENTWOOD — Republican Kevin Mottus is one of eighteen candidates, and three Republicans, listed on the ballot for the June 3 primary to replace retiring Democrat Rep. Henry Waxman in California’s 33rd congressional district. Mottus’s focus throughout the campaign has been on the dangers, he says, of cell phone signals and wireless radiation. He wants Congress to mandate “wired headsets” for cell phones “to prevent brain tumors,” for example.

So it was with some surprise that I received not one, but two robo-calls from the Mottus campaign–to my cell phone. I asked Mottus why, if he is worried about cell phone radiation, he is calling cellular telephones at all.

His response:

Because wireless users, especially heavy wireless, users need to hear about wireless health effects more than anyone else. 

The wireless industry and our government should be warning everyone–not me–but they have shirked their responsibility to the public so I am trying to do it in hopes that someone in the media in our district will help get the word out in a broader, more significant way.  

Europe is warning its population and taking measures to protect its citizens but in this country we are hiding health effects and maximizing people exposure.  It is wrong and shows the financial corruption of our system. The disease and devastation it causes to families and communities is very sad–breast and brain cancer.  Some of the smartest people in our country have no idea how they are putting their health at risk everyday with wireless. The wireless industry has done a great job lying to us and made us look like fools as more and more people get sick.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences long ago reported that the scientific evidence for ill health effects of electromagnetic field radiation in the home and workplace was “weak.”

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