Minority Report: Los Angeles Acquires Two Spy Drones

Minority Report: Los Angeles Acquires Two Spy Drones

According to LA Weekly, the city of Los Angeles has acquired two used unmanned spy drones from Seattle. Technically, they are called Draganfly X6 drones. They are about 3 feet long, weight 3.5 pounds, and are basically helicopters with video cameras. 

Seattle had to give them up after an uproar over privacy rights. In order to not have to reimburse the federal government $82,000, Seattle had to convince a city more fascist than itself to take them. 

Los Angeles was the first to raise its hand. 

Currently, the spy drones are all boxed up somewhere in LAPD storage awaiting whatever approvals are necessary to let those suckers loose. 

Can we now stop using the word “liberal” to describe Los Angeles?

There is absolutely nothing “liberal” about being okay with or even thinking about putting unmanned spy drones in the air over a city. Stalin wasn’t liberal. Chavez wasn’t liberal. Hitler wasn’t liberal. Castro isn’t liberal. They are and/or were Leftists — tyrants who put The State above all else, including the God-given rights of Man to be left the hell alone.

Leftists and liberals may vote for the same chuckleheads, but liberals are the ones who believe in freedom and privacy. Leftists, on the other hand, believe in controlling people; telling them what to do, either through intrusive government laws — and if those don’t work — through coercive government action.

What Leftists really love, though, is Minority Reporting fellow citizens; treating us as criminals before we have committed a crime. 


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