Jerry Brown Gets Biblical on the Border Crisis: 'We Should Welcome the Stranger'

Jerry Brown Gets Biblical on the Border Crisis:  'We Should Welcome the Stranger'

While in Mexico to discuss joint trade and the effects of climate change with Mexican political leaders, Governor Jerry Brown said that Texas Governor Rick Perry’s decision to put National Guard troops on the Texas border is misguided. He urged Perry and other U.S. politicians to heed the “religious call… to welcome the stranger” when it comes to illegal aliens.

Brown claims that the ordering of the troops was not a good idea. “I hesitate to comment on the thinking that goes into the support of the Texas National Guard on the border. I would suspect that it will be of a relatively short duration, and wiser minds will prevail over the next several months,” he said.

On the first day of a trade mission designed to spark relations between California and Mexico, The Sacramento Bee reported that Brown told a swarm of reporters, eager for his opinion on the border crisis, that “This is a human problem, and it has been the religious call of all religions to welcome the stranger, and it’s in that spirit that I believe the clergy can call the United States, Mexico, and all the players to perhaps a higher response than might otherwise happen.”

Brown made no mention of the influence of drug cartels on manipulating and exploiting the illegal crossings for drug trafficking and financial purposes, as Breitbart News has reported. Moreover, he did not address the escalating problem of hundreds of criminals and gang members entering the U.S. from Mexico illegally or the horrifying violence and sexual abuse that the illegal immigrants endure while making the journey.

One could speculate that a U.S. stance of welcoming illegal strangers will now encourage even more to try to cross the borders. Nevertheless, Brown asserted that, “These are children, and many of them have relatives that are in California and other parts of the United States who are working, contributing to the well-being of people in the United States.”

Brown continued, “So given the principle of family values and family reconciliation, I want to give utmost consideration to what is in the best interest of those children, not what is in the best interest of politicians who might want to exploit this particular topic.”


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