Sandra Fluke Tops List of Donors to Her Own CA State Senate Campaign

Sandra Fluke Tops List of Donors to Her Own CA State Senate Campaign

California state Senate candidate and “free-birth-control advocate” Sandra Fluke is the biggest donor in her own campaign, according to official California campaign finance reports.

The Washington Examiner points out that Fluke has provided a “whopping 35%” of her own funding for her campaign and suggests that “the campaign is trying to pump up its donation totals to appear stronger than it actually is.”

So far, Fluke has raised $416,185.28, with one-third of that total coming from her family, the Examiner notes. 

Fluke herself has reportedly donated $12,000 to her campaign and $4,826.27 in non-monetary contributions, which include things that represent cash value. The Examiner reached out to Fluke and questioned where the money came from for a $100,000 loan she gave to her campaign, but her camp never responded.

In 2012, Fluke married Adam Mutterperl, the son of a big-time Democratic donor, William Mutterperl. The Mutterperls have donated a combined $20,500 to Fluke’s campaign. 

Fluke’s own family has also donated $9,600, and the report shows that her mother gave two donations, one with the name Elizabeth, the other with what is presumed to be her nickname, Betty.

Donations from Fluke’s family members, including the $100,000 loan she took out, account for 33% of her total fundraising, the Examiner notes.

Her opponent Ben Allen, who finished first and ahead of Fluke in the June 3 primary race, has given none of his own money to the campaign. Allen has provided his camp with a $50,000 loan, according to state financial disclosures, half of what Fluke has donated. 

His parents, Elena and Michael Allen, donated $4,100 each to Ben’s campaign. Allen and his family’s donations account for just 15% of his total campaign contributions.


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