Another Oakland Protest about Ferguson & Sacramento Holds Meeting

Another Oakland Protest about Ferguson & Sacramento Holds Meeting

KPIX San Francisco reports that a demonstration calling itself, “It Ends Now” took place in Oakland on Wednesday to protest police officer-involved shootings. 

Dan Segal, running for mayor of Oakland, joined the protesters. The crowd planned to march from the police station to city hall. Police had to block some freeway offramps because of the protesters.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday night in Sacramento, KCRA reports that a standing-room-only crowd met for a townhall meeting at the Guild Theater in Oak Park, to discuss the Ferguson, Missouri events.

Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson intoned, “The images that have been coming out from Ferguson, Missourihave been very disturbing for all of us to watch.”

One attendee said, “We’re looking to make sure that what happened in Ferguson does not happen in Sacramento.” Another added, “The only way we’re going to merge together and build a trust is through building relationship.” A third said, “We’re going to build a bridge that we can walk upon. That’s what it’s about. It’s not about shouting; it’s not about talking. It’s about being energized when nothing’s going on; that’s the way you do it.”

A protester outside the theater shouted, “Any false move that you make, they can use their weapon and then fear for their lives and say that there was a threat.”

But one local resident dismissed the idea that Oak Park had a nascent problem, asserting, “It’s like Disneyland compared to St. Louis. Well, Ferguson is a totally different thing. I’ve been to St. Louis.”