Dog Survives 15-Story Fall, Lands in Jacuzzi

Dog Fall (KCRA-3 / UPI)

A 13-year-old Boston terrier that miraculously survived a 15-story fall and then landed in a jacuzzi, in one of Sacramento’s tallest high rises, was able to walk away with a few fractured ribs and a fractured pelvis.

“Whenever I tell someone what happened, they keep saying, ‘The 15th floor? Are you sure it was the 15th floor?’’because no one can believe it. They’re completely amazed,” said Sam’s owner, Bill McCourt, to the Sacramento Bee. “He’s a huge part of my family.”

Sam was sunning on the balcony of McCourt’s 15th floor Bridgeway Towers apartment unit on Monday when he went fell through the railing, zipped down past a man sipping coffee on an eighth-floor terrace (and several other witnesses), before landing hard in the middle of the hot tub, notes the Bee.

One of the workers who recognized Sam immediately called Bette Plum, McCourt’s mother, who watches Sam during the day when her son is at work. “It’s absolutely a miracle,” she said. “There’s no way that dog should be alive.”

Veterinarians estimate Sam’s recovery will take between six to eight weeks. In the meantime, his owner says Sam’s “balcony days are over.”

Photo: NBC KCRA-3 via UPI

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