Great White Sinks Teeth Into Southern California Surfer


“It’s pretty radical, I mean there was no warning at all, I was about ten feet from him and it was absolute quiet, silent, nothin,” Andrew Walsh told a reporter from the shores of Montaña De Oro State Beach.

There he and his friend Kevin Swanson had been surfing before Swanson was pulled under the water in a Sunday shark attack. Walsh called the 9-10 foot juvenile Great White that sunk its teeth into his buddy among the most dangerous as at that stage they don’t yet know what their food source is.

“Were having a great time out there today and shredding a few waves off and then a shark came up and just took him from the side and took him right under the water and he was gone for a couple seconds and it let him go. When he came up he was laying on his board in the paddling position, yelled out shark, and just paddled as fast as he could to the shore,” Walsh told the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

The 50 year-old victim made a tourniquet for his leg out of his surfboard leash before he even made it out of the water Walsh said. Two doctors on the shore gave Swanson immediate medical attention determining he sustained severe wounds, but hadn’t impaired any arteries. Swanson was then flown to a local hospital for further treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

According to the Tribune the beach will not close, but warning signs will be posted for five days. If another attack occurs the signs will be again be posted for the duration of five days.

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