Watch: 500-Pound Shark Snatches Sailfish From Anglers’ Hook

A group of anglers and tourists went out off the Miami shore looking to make big catch. The anglers made one, hooking a large sailfish. It turns out, an even larger shark decided that it wanted the sailfish more. As the

Hammerhead (su neko : Flickr : CC : Cropped)

Father-Daughter Duo Find Another Hammerhead

Another shark encounter took place in California this Sunday when a Garden Grove father and daughter duo, who were fishing for yellowtail off the coast of Sunset Beach, encountered a 10-foot hammerhead shark.

Mako Kayak (Austin Pob / Facebook)

Shark Bites Kayak, Kayaker Fights Back

Two fisherman on kayaks near San Diego last Thursday morning turned the tables on a mako shark intent who attacked one of the kayaks, reeling the shark in instead.


Shark Drops From the Sky Into Virginia Woman’s Yard

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., July 7 (UPI) — The real-life version of Sharknado proved to be far less threatening than its Syfy counterpart when a small shark fell from the sky into a Virginia back yard.

ABC News

Witness: Shark Jumped from Water to Bite Boy’s Arm Off in One Chomp

One witness was so shocked by a shark attack in the ocean near Oak Island, North Carolina, that she thought it was a movie, and another noted that the creature literally jumped out of the water to bite off a boy’s entire arm with one, swift chomp.


Great White Sinks Teeth Into Southern California Surfer

“It’s pretty radical, I mean there was no warning at all, I was about ten feet from him and it was absolute quiet, silent, nothin,” Andrew Walsh told a reporter from the shores of Montaña De Oro State Beach