Surfer Girl Rides Wave to Catch Burglar

California Surfer Jolie Bernal spotted a thief inside her best friend’s car, then caught a wave into shore and ran to confront him at Surfer’s Point on Saturday.

Jolie Bernal (Facebook)

Watch: Australian Surfer Escapes Shark Attack During Competition

On Sunday, at the 2015 J-Bay Open surf competition in South Africa, Australian surfer and three-time world champion Mick Fanning had just finished up the opening wave of the final and was waiting for another wave when he was approached


Floridian Surfer Dude Takes Up Arms Against ISIS

Dean Parker, a 49-year-old grandfather and resident of sunny West Palm Beach, Florida, has decided to make a dramatic lifestyle change and fight against the Islamic State’s (ISIS) jihad in Iraq and Syria.


Great White Sinks Teeth Into Southern California Surfer

“It’s pretty radical, I mean there was no warning at all, I was about ten feet from him and it was absolute quiet, silent, nothin,” Andrew Walsh told a reporter from the shores of Montaña De Oro State Beach