Crossings Drop After Sewer Grate Installed at Border by Request

Border Grate (Michelle Moons/ Breitbart News)
Michelle Moons/ Breitbart News

Border Patrol agents in San Diego have expressed relief over the installation of requested sewer pipe grates along the border. It’s a measurable victory for agents who had requested the grates to help them prevent illegal crossings.

Evidence shows that the new grate is making a difference as agents are seeing a dramatic drop in illegal aliens crossing in the immediate area.

Before the grate pictured above was installed over the drainage pipe that runs between the U.S. and Mexico, large numbers of other than Mexicans (OTMs), including a large percentage of Romanians, were taking advantage of the open path to freedom.

Patrol Agent in Charge of the Imperial Beach U.S. Border Patrol Station Greg Bovino proudly calls his station the “World’s Finest Station.” Bovino responded to Breitbart California regarding why the grates were chosen for that area.

“We are currently operating under a risk-based strategy focusing on three pillars of Information, Integration, and Rapid Response,” he said. “In this case, we had information that incursions were spiking in this area, collaborated with Facilities and Maintenance, and deployed a rapid response of installing grates in this area to mitigate said threat.”

When asked how the grate improvement has assisted with border security in the area, Bovino responded, “In the past in SDC (San Diego County), especially in the IMB (Imperial Beach) area, we have seen drastic reductions of incursions and apprehensions due to the right combination of personnel, technology, and infrastructure.”

As infrastructure in the form of the border security enhancing grate was provided in an area agents recognized an issue, apprehensions dropped.

Bovino told Breitbart, “We are currently on pace for less apprehensions this year in comparison to FY15.”

Numbers were not readily available for how many illegal aliens are still evading capture. Illegal crossings via the Pacific Ocean off the San Diego coast remain among the great challenges facing border enforcement in the San Diego area.

While criminal operations often adjust their tactics, Border Patrol agents continually work to respond to threats. Agents can be more effective in accomplishing their goals when provided the tools they need to do so. Other needs still exist, including equipment improvements and repairs, say some agents.

There are still some individuals living in and around the sewer pipe on the Mexico side, but the much-needed grate is proving an effective aid to the agents in monitoring and enforcing this high traffic portion of the border.

If Border Patrol is provided with the tools they request, such as the border grate and sufficient equipment, there is potential for more effective enforcement of the U.S.-Mexico border.

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