Baby, Parents Stuck in Mexico over Surrogacy

Border Crossing Into Mexico
AP Photo

Little baby Grayson can’t leave Mexico for home after an overnight legal change in Tabasco, Mexico left him with no birth certificate and no way for his parents to bring their new child back over the border for weeks after his birth.



“We just want to get home,” mother Christy Amireh told KPIX 5 News.

Christy and husband Haseeb decided on surrogacy when they weren’t able to conceive children on their own, according to KPIX. Tabasco offered a more cost-effective surrogacy option and numerous agencies to choose from.

California Congressman Eric Swalwell confirmed what Amireh family friend Bobby Khuller told the news outlet–that the governor of the Mexican state of Tabasco has halted any issuance of birth certificates for surrogate parents.

The move reportedly was made the week of baby Grayson’s birth, and has now left his parents living out of a hotel. Their lives back in San Jose have been put on hold until they can get legal papers to bring their baby home.

A Surrogacy Law Center representative cited in a CBS News report said, “Mexico does not have the systems in place like the U.S. If they say their law is a law, it may or may not be the law.”


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