Feral Cats Take Over San Diego Jetty

Feral Cat AP
Associated Press

They may not be living the lavish life of famed Disney felines The Aristocats, but a colony of approximately 40 kitties, who were likely abandoned by their owners, have made a jetty in San Diego’s Ocean Beach their home.

“I think they love it here. They got kicked out of somebody’s house, maybe, and they live here,” Tom Voss told local ABC News affiliate 10News. Voss noticed the cat colony while cycling in the area one day. He has now joined a host of runners and cyclists in packing food for the outdoor felines before his morning ride.

The county reportedly knows about the jetty and that cats are abandoned there but have said that there is nothing they can do about it. The food and water that passers-by feed the cats helps to keep them alive and in control of the jetty.

10News notes that there were once 80 cats there, but with the help of a local group that captures the cats, gets them fixed, and then brings them back to the jetty, they’ve managed to reduce that number to roughly half.

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