Report: Islamic State Issues Fatwa Against Cats in Mosul

The Iraqi television network Al Sumaria is reporting that the Islamic State has issued a fatwa against breeding cats indoors, a surprising move, given the pivotal role kittens have played in Islamic State propaganda, as well as the high regard for the species in the Quran.

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Search for Person Who Drowned Dog on Beach

Two beachgoers discovered a grisly and heartbreaking account of animal cruelty last week when they found a dead dog tied to a shovel on Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey. Now, several animal rights organizations are contributing funds to catch the person responsible for the crime.


Video: Venezuelan Prisoners Eating Stray Cats to Survive

An NGO operating in Venezuela has published videos of starved prisoners in the socialist nation killing, skinning, and cooking cats on aluminum pans in order to survive, as wardens have forbidden families from bringing food and serve only a small cup of rice and water per day.

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Feral Cats Take Over San Diego Jetty

They may not be living the lavish life of famed Disney felines The Aristocats, but a colony of approximately 40 kitties, who were likely abandoned by their owners, have made a jetty in San Diego’s Ocean Beach their home.

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