Second Hammerhead Sighting in Two Days in San Diego

Hammerhead (su neko : Flickr : CC : Cropped)
su neko / Flickr / CC / Cropped

A second hammerhead shark sighting took place off San Diego’s coast on Sunday, minutes before an initial shark advisory was set to expire from the previous day.

Beaches had been closed in the area since Saturday, when a group of kayakers were circled and stalked by an aggressive hammerhead.

According to local NBC affiliate in San Diego, lifeguards confirmed around noon that a single, experienced kayaker was out fishing when he had encountered a 6 to 8 foot hammerhead shark approximately two miles off shore. He reportedly had bloodied fish on him which likely attracted the shark.

The shark followed the kayaker back to shore and even swam toward a nearby swimmer before abruptly turning and swimming away.

Lifeguards warned beach goers about the two shark sightings and gave them the option of swimming in the waters.

Sunday’s encounter was reportedly less aggressive than Saturday’s when the hammerhead was circling the kayakers and followed them all the way back to the shore.

There have reportedly been 32 documented hammerhead shark attacks over the course of the last 65-plus years and NBC notes that a diver had his hand bitten by one earlier this month nearly 100 miles off San Diego’s coast.

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