Shark Attack

Spear Fisherman Attacked by Great White Shark in California

Nov. 26 (UPI) — A man is in stable condition in a local hospital after a great white shark attacked him while he spear fished a few hundred yards off Pebble Beach in California. The shark bit his thigh, causing significant damage.

Getty Images Shark

Hammerhead, Great White Sharks Haunt California Beaches

Several dangerous shark encounters off California’s coast this past weekend prompted closures at beaches in San Diego and near Morro Bay after a group of kayakers captured footage of their encounter with a hammerhead shark, and one woman had a great white shark bite a chunk out of her surfboard.


Surfer Meets ‘Aggressive’ Great White Shark in Huntington Beach

A surfer in Huntington Beach was bumped by an “aggressive” great white shark on Friday while on his surfboard, prompting authorities to close two miles of the beach for approximately 24 hours. The incident came as a surprise considering that shark attacks in California have been on the decline, and have decreased significantly (90%) since the 1950s.

Shark from below (Enrique Céspedes / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Great White Shark Trolls Kayak

On Tuesday, a marine biologist who is also a kayak guide had what could have been a frightening experience for anyone else: a great white shark swam directly under his kayak.

Great White Shark (African Budget Safaris / Flickr / CC / Cropped)