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OC Police Chopper Alerts Surfers in Shark Infested Waters

Authorities took to the air via helicopter just off the coast of Orange County, California, on Thursday to warn surfers and paddleboarders to “exit the water calmly” because up to 25 great white sharks were seen plying the waters near the shore.


Climate Change: Only The Sharks Can Save Us Now

Next time you find yourself in the sea and you spot a triangular fin bearing down on you – perhaps with some eerie music going der-dum der-dum der-dum dum dum dum dum, in the background – be sure, before you


Report: Hamas Arrests Israeli Zionist Dolphin Spy

Hamas militants have “arrested” a dolphin that the Islamist group claims is armed and was spying on behalf of Israel, becoming the latest example of a non-human that has been arrested by Islamic authorities and charged as a spy for Israel’s Mossad.

Dolphin spy (U.S. Navy / Getty)

North Carolina Shark Attacks Proliferate

A series of shark attacks of the coast of North Carolina has elicited concern from local government officials but protests from shark experts of the sharks’ diminishing numbers.

Biosphoto / Minden Pictures / Mike Parry/AFP

Multiple Shark Attacks in the Carolinas

North Carolina and South Carolina beachgoers should beware; there has been a rash of shark attacks against beachgoers in their states.

Biosphoto / Minden Pictures / Mike Parry/AFP

Drone Tracks Great White Sharks at Seal Beach

Seal Beach has begun using a $1,400 drone to monitor juvenile great white shark activity and sightings off the coast of Surfside, following unusual shark sightings off the coast of Surfside and near neighboring beaches since this past April.

Great White Shark (Carl de Souza / AFP / Getty)

Mass Lifeguard Rescue in Newport Beach

Strong rip currents proved too powerful for 10 T-shirt wearing beachgoers in Newport Beach waters this Memorial Day as they slipped out to sea–rescued only by a team of watchful lifeguards.

Newport Beach (ltenney1225 / Flickr / CC)

Jaws: Sharks Show Up at SoCal Beach

Police helicopters spotted 13 young great white sharks feeding merely 50 feet from the sands of Sunset Beach this week.