9 More Dogs Suffer Severe Chemical Burns in CA

Ugly Dog (Stephen Lam / Reuters)
Stephen Lam / Reuters

Taco the Chihuahua mix is the ninth known dog in California’s Antelope Valley and Kern County to be a victim of chemical burns since August.

Just three years of age ,Taco now faces recovery from the severe and distressing burns believed to be chemical in nature. He was found on Thursday with the terrible injury.

Taco is experiencing “excruciating pain,” veterinarian Tamara Leary described to Los Angeles-area KTLA News. She described Taco’s burns to the skin as so severe that the dog’s flesh was exposed. “It’s literally falling off,” she remarked.

The pain is being managed with medication and it appears Taco will not be euthanized, according to LAist. Two other dogs that were found with similar burns in recent weeks, both pit bulls, had such severe burns they had to be put down. A third was found with the others and rescuers were able to save it.

Among the nine dogs found suffering similar injuries have been one golden retriever, six pit bulls, one Cavalier King Charles spaniel and now Taco the Chihuahua. Those that have not been euthanized are still recovering. LAist reported that Fergus, the golden retriever and first known burned dog, is staying with a foster family as he recovers.

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors had offered up a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest, but the amount has since been increased to $50,000. KTLA reported that the source or sources of the additional funds is unknown.

Authorities continue to look into the source of the mysterious burns. It remains unclear whether the burns are being inflicted intentionally or if there is some other explanation.

In the case of severe burns to dogs, petMD instructs, “do not hesitate to bring the dog to a veterinarian or emergency hospital. In addition to treating the burns, the doctors must prevent the dog from going into shock.”

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