Mexican Authorities Arrest ‘Los Aztecas’ Gang Leader in Border State

Mexican Federal Police with assistance from the Mexican Navy (SEMAR) and Army (SEDENA) captured René Gerardo Santana Garza, “El 300,” one of the leaders of Los Aztecas. The gang is believed to be responsible for much of the recent cartel bloodshed in the border city of Ciudad Juarez.

Mexican Federal Police

VIDEO: Sicarios Matan a Jefe de Policía Local en Estado Fronterizo

Un equipo de sicarios entro a un restaurante para ejecutar al jefe policiaco de uno de los municipios del estado fronterizo de Chihuahua. El ataque parece ser un incremento de la violencia que continua creciendo en el estado donde el Cartel de Juarez y el Cartel de Sinaloa se disputan el control territorial.

Chihuahua murder

Deadly Cartel Attacks Against Mexican Border State Police Continue

The border state of Chihuahua continues to be a hotbed for violence where cartel gunmen carry out ambushes and attacks on law enforcement officials. The attacks on authorities appear to be an effort to keep law enforcement out of the ongoing fight for control of the state’s lucrative drug trafficking territories and routes.

Mexican Federal Police

Murdered Mexican Journalist Exposed Cartel-Government Connection

The murder of a respected journalist in the Mexican state of Chihuahua appears to be driven by her work exposing the close ties between government officials and the Juarez Cartel. One of those investigations pointed to the mother-in-law of a cartel boss trying to run for mayor, while others looked into how the former governor of that state protected certain criminal organizations.

Murdered Journalist

Highly Political Pope Calls for ‘Open Hearts’ for Forced Immigrants

Pope Francis I celebrated Mass on the Mexican side of the Texas-Mexican border, made the sign of the cross, and blessed the people gathered there in Ciudad Juarez. He then called for governments and others to have “open hearts” to the “tragedy that is forced migration.”

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Criminal Kicks Chihuahua–in Police Station

On Saturday morning, a 48-year-man with a lengthy criminal record chose an unusual place to abuse his dog: the lobby of the South Pasadena police station.

Chihuahua (Jeanne / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Chihuahua Brought Back to Life After Being Declared Dead

A 3-year-old Chihuahua in Chula Vista, California who died on the operating table was brought back to life by a veterinarian who refused to give up on her. Julietta died on Tuesday, but Dr. Juli Maher gave her a second chance at life.

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