Vandals Burn Veteran’s Flag in His Own Driveway

AFP Photo/Max Gyselinck

On September 28, veteran Loren Vincent walked out of his Turlock home to get his morning paper, only to find the ashy remains of his American flag in the driveway.

According to CBS Sacramento, parts of the burning flag were found melted in the bag holding the newspaper. Vincent filed a police report, saying, “They have the right to buy a flag and burn it. They don’t have the right to come onto my property and take it down and burn it.”

Joe Nance, Vincent’s neighbor, said the flag was part of a special display he maintained with Vincent. Nance said, “The eagle on top represents Loren’s brother-in-law, who was in the Navy in World War II. USMC represents the Marine Corps, which is Loren. And then on the back of the flag pole it says ‘Dad 313965’ that represents my dad’s serial number in World War II.”

Nance quickly bought Vincent a new flag and said, “It’s not just a veteran, because we’re no better than anybody else, any red-blooded American would feel the same way: we would fight for that flag and die for it.”

Vincent has no idea who took down his flag and burned it.

Photo: file

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