Registered Sex Offender Swaps IDs, Escapes Jail

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On November 11, registered sex offender David Warren Riggins swapped IDs with his cellmate and was able to escape from the Fresno County Jail. He surrendered the next day.

19-year-old Riggins was originally taken into custody “on September 19 for an outstanding warrant,” the Fresno Bee reports. He had refused to obey a court order and “is a registered sex offender.”

According to the Bee, Riggins was not scheduled for release “until October 28, 2016,” but his cellmate was scheduled for release on Wednesday. So Riggins and his cellmate exchanged ID bracelets and memorized each other’s personal information. His cellmate–“who is 24 but was not identified”–is also black and of a similar height and build to Riggins.

Riggins then left the jail under the terms of his cellmate’s scheduled release around 8 a.m. Wednesday morning. He was captured on Thursday morning and returned to the jail, according to local ABC News affiliate ABC30.

The cellmate “remained in jail” after Riggins left “and now faces an additional charge for aiding the escape of an inmate,” the Bee reported.

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