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Registered Sex Offender

Stanford Rape: Protesters at Brock Turner’s Home with Guns

About a dozen demonstrators, some of them armed with guns, stood outside of convicted Stanford rapist Brock Turner’s family home in Ohio on Saturday carrying signs condemning his release just one day after he was freed from serving three of his six months’ sentence in a Santa Clara County jail.

Brock Turner protest (@wildd_child / Twitter)

Registered Sex Offender Swaps IDs, Escapes Jail

On November 11, registered sex offender David Warren Riggins swapped IDs with his cellmate and was able to escape from the Fresno County Jail. He surrendered the next day.

Muslim Prisoner

EU Sex Offenders Free To Travel Due to Lack Of Offender Registers

Sex offenders, including child abusers and rapists, convicted in certain EU countries are free to come to Britain using the fundamental European freedom of free movement of persons. British police can apply for orders to stop sex offenders registered in the

child migrant

Texas Bill Mandates Parent Notify Other Parent of a Relationship With a Domestic Abuser

A parent appointed as a conservator of a child by court order has a duty to disclose to the other conservator of the child if they are living with a registered sex offender. H.B. 1470, filed by Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston) would require similar disclosure for a parent who is living with someone who has committed family violence, or becomes charged with family violence.

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