L.A. Times: ‘All Categories’ Of Gun Crime Up In 2015

LAPD Charlie Beck (Nick Ut / Associated Press)
Nick Ut / Associated Press

Although Los Angeles is heavily gun-controlled and has more controls on the way, gun crime in 2015 was up in ‘all categories.’

In fact, crime rose so much that Los Angeles Police Department Assistant Chief Michel Moore commented by saying, “[At least] the city is not on fire, the city is not falling into the ocean,” the Los Angeles Times reports.

According to the Times, the types of crime vary from area to area within the city. In Venice the rise in crime has shown itself in the theft of “packages from doorsteps…smartphones [stolen] from pedestrians and [attempts] to steal cars during the day.” In southeastern parts of LA, the problem is gang crime. The southernmost parts of L.A. have seen a surge in violent crime.

City homicides were “up 10.2% from last year” and instances of shooting victims were up 12.6%. “Rapes were up 8.6% and robberies rose 12.3%,” but “the biggest change came in the category of aggravated assault, which climbed 27.5%.”

Property crime also surged, with burglary up 4.8%, personal theft up 6.3%, “theft from vehicles” up 15.1%, and “motor vehicle thefts” up 16.7%.

During the 2015 calendar year the LA City Council passed gun storage requirements for city residents and capacity limitations for ammunition magazines. The City Council limited magazines to the same 10-round capacity Elliot Rodger used in his May 2014 Santa Barbara attack.

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