Executive Gun Control: Five Seniors Obama Might Have Disarmed

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On January 4–the day before President Obama announced his executive gun control to the nation–the White House released an executive order fact sheet showing that a gun ban for some Social Security beneficiaries was being brought under the auspices of Obama’s executive action.

This particular gun ban immediately brings to mind the frequency with which grandmas and grandpas use guns to defend themselves and their families and forces the reader to consider what the plight of such seniors might be if Obama took away their guns.

What would have happened to these five seniors if Obama had taken away their guns?

1. On April 21, 74-year-old Jewell Turner was sitting in her truck in Fort Worth, Texas, when a man walked up and stuck a knife to her throat. She was able to convince him to change his mind by sticking a gun in his face and telling him to “back off.”

2. On May 15, 72-year-old Robert Dietz walked outside to check on his surveillance cameras after they had “gone dark.” According to KHOU.com, Dietz then “found a man rummaging through a storage trailer he keeps parked under his carport.” The suspect hit Dietz in the head with a gas can, so Dietz opened fire, shooting the suspect in the stomach.

3. On September 2, 67-year-old Harvey Lembo grew tired of the frequent robberies of his one-bedroom apartment and bought a gun for self-defense. The Portland Press Herald reports that Lembo is confined to a wheel chair and felt defenseless in the face of the robberies.

Lembo said his place has been robbed “five or six times” over the past few years, including a robbery in August 2015 in which the robber took his prescription pain pills and money.

When a robber entered on the night of September 2, Lembo grabbed his newly purchased gun, wheeled his chair around to face the robber, and held him at gunpoint without incident until the robber tried to escape. Once the attempt at escape was made, Lembo shot the suspect, wounding him.

4. On September 21, an alleged home-intruder entered an Indianapolis home and pointed a gun at the head of an elderly woman, only to be shot numerous times by her husband. The suspect had entered the home believing the woman was alone, but the husband was in the back of the house and responded with a gun in his hand when he heard his wife under assault.

5. On September 22, an elderly homeowner in Phoenix, Arizona, had to use a gun for self-defense after a suspect repeatedly tried to enter his home in broad daylight. According to CBS 5, the elderly homeowner was alone when he saw the suspect in his backyard. The homeowner grabbed a gun and met the suspect as he was allegedly attempting to enter through a window.  The homeowner said he warned the suspect that he was armed, but the suspect allegedly continued trying to enter. The homeowner then opened fire, striking him at least once.

The police said, “The homeowner reported perceiving a threat and fired at the subject, striking him.”

Where would these elderly people and their families be right now if Obama had taken away their guns?

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