Report: San Bernardino Is California’s Most Dangerous City

The Associated Press

A newly released “most dangerous” report of 68 California cities places recently terror-stricken San Bernardino at the top of the heap.

Oakland is far and away the most dangerous on crime alone when it comes to combined numbers of murder, rape robbery and assault. According to the report, among the 10 largest California cities, Oakland’s violent crime rate is, “more than 2X the crime rate of San Francisco and more than 3X of Los Angeles.”

Law firm Graham Donath released the report, which bases its analysis on three key factors: crime, police presence and community factors. Graham Donath joined efforts with 1Point21 Interactive in conducting the 68-city analysis.

The report points to an FBI warning to not base a city’s danger level simply on crime.

San Bernardino ranks as number two for crime alone. Oakland is listed as number one, with Stockton coming in third. San Bernardino comes in at number 9 for least investment in police. This is where Oakland does slightly better, coming in 53rd out of 68.

L.A. Weekly notes that San Bernardino’s struggles through the Great Recession, and subsequent fall into bankruptcy, may have hurt its ability to maintain law enforcement.

The report also lists the city’s poverty rate at 30.60 percent, the highest of all 68 cities. Police budget per capita is $223, whereas crime-ridden Oakland commits $461 to police per capita. Just 17 of the 68 California cities included in the analysis spend less than San Bernardino per capita on police.

Last December Islamic terrorists Syed Rizwan Farook and wife Tashfeen Malik, who was present in the United States on a K-1 fiancée visa, carried out an attack that killed 14 and wounded 23.

One family that spoke with Breitbart News in the aftermath of the attacks said that they had just moved to the area to escape from what they dubbed a more crime-ridden neighborhood.

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