One Suspect and Possible Second Arrested in San Diego Cop Shooting

SD Suspect Sought AP

SAN DIEGO, California — One suspect and a possible second have been taken into custody after the shooting of two San Diego police officers left one dead and another fighting for his life late Thursday night.

The first suspect, 52-year-old Jesse Michael Gomez, was arrested shortly after the shooting when officers followed a trail of blood. Early reports indicated that Gomez sustained a gunshot wound in the course of being taken into custody. He was being treated at a local hospital as of Friday morning.

Searching continued into the night and Friday, eventually leading to a long police standoff outside a nearby home. Marcus Antonio Cassani, 41, the man police believed to be inside that home may have escaped during that time as the home was ultimately found empty according to local Fox 5 News. Cassini surrendered and was taken into custody a few blocks away, just a short time later after his sister called police reported the Los Angeles Times.

Cassani was arrested on an outstanding warrant on Friday, San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman announced at a Friday press conference. She identified Cassani as a second “potential suspect,” but was emphatic that “at this time we have not determined if Cassani is involved in the murder of officer DeGuzman and the attempted murder of officer Irwin.” She said that she had visited with Irwin who had awoken after surgery. She urged the community to continue in prayer and support for both officers, their families, and the entire police department as she offered gratitude for all of the support.

Officers Jonathan DeGuzman and Wade Irwin were shot during a stop on Thursday night. DeGuzman lost his life as a result of his injuries. Irwin was rushed to surgery and is expected to survive. Both officers were on gang detail.

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump tweeted on Friday:

The San Diego Padres baseball team took a moment of silence on Friday night for fallen officer Guzman:

Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown offered thoughts and prayers as his own city so recently lost five law enforcement officers in assassinations targeting white police.

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