Democrats Face Off Over Gun Control Support

DELRAY BEACH, FL - JANUARY 05: Mark O'Connor fills out his Federal background check paperwork as he purchases a handgun at the K&W Gunworks store on the day that U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington, DC announced his executive action on guns on January 5, 2016 in Delray Beach, Florida. …

California Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown (D-47) voted for the bill requiring background checks for law-abiding ammunition purchasers yet she is facing a challenger from within her own party who believes Brown’s support of gun control could have been even stronger.

Brown did not support the “high capacity” magazine ban or the “bullet button” ban, both of which passed and were signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown (D).

According to the Daily Bulletin, Brown’s challenger–Eloise Reyes–is critical of Brown’s gun control record and suggests it was part of what motivated her to run. Reyes said, “Votes that the incumbent took early on regarding guns and gun safety – that was part of the reason I entered the race to begin with.”

Reyes spokesman Ben Escobedo said, “This is about keeping our kids and neighborhoods safe and Cheryl Brown cannot run away from her record with a few save-my-job votes or switching her vote after a bill already has enough votes to pass. [Brown has] voted against gun safety measures and she abstained on the same bill four different times.”

Brown views it differently. She said her opposition to the “high capacity” magazine ban was based on the fact that such magazines were purchased legally and are being criminalized after the fact. She said, “This is a confiscation bill that requires people who legally purchased a magazine clip to turn it into law enforcement. This bill takes the property of people who purchased it legally.” She explained that her lack of support for a “bullet button” ban was due to the fact that the law is too easy to get around and therefore just another burden on law-abiding gun owners.

The Daily Bulletin concludes: “Brown said she supports gun laws that respect the right of law-abiding citizens to own firearms while keeping guns out of criminal hands. Reyes said she wants stricter gun legislation.”

Assembly District 47 includes a portion of San Bernardino, the city in which two terrorists shot and killed 14 people in a gun-free zone on December 2, 2015.

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