Bullet Button

DELRAY BEACH, FL - JANUARY 05: Mark O'Connor fills out his Federal background check paperwork as he purchases a handgun at the K&W Gunworks store on the day that U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington, DC announced his executive action on guns on January 5, 2016 in Delray Beach, Florida. …

Democrats Face Off Over Gun Control Support

California Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown (D-47) voted for the bill requiring background checks for law-abiding ammunition purchasers yet she is facing a challenger from within her own party who believes Brown’s support of gun control could have been even stronger. Brown

Patriot magazine release (Screenshot / YouTube)

Company Invents ‘Patriot Mag Release’ to Defy California Gun Laws

Just days after Governor Jerry Brown signed an “assault weapons” ban on rifles with “bullet buttons,” among other California gun laws, the inventor of the button has introduced the “Patriot Mag Release,” a device that makes even the AR-15 California-compliant.