Pro-Trump CEO Purged from Y Combinator

Andrew Torba/Twitter
Andrew Torba/Twitter

Andrew Torba, founder and CEO of Twitter-killer Gab, has been purged from Silicon Valley’s exclusive “Y Combinator” alumni blog for voicing support to “Build the Wall.”

Breitbart News has reported extensively about how Obama bundler Chris Sacca led the Twitter board of directors’ coup d’état to fire CEO Dick Costolo in June 2015, resulting in conservative posts and celebrities being censored for alleged “hate speech.” In the last 18 months since the left’s take-over, Twitter crashed from number 3 to number 9 in social media users.

According to TechCrunch, after a long period of having to hide his “conservative Republican Christian” attitudes because he worried “it would be a hindrance to my career” in Silicon Valley, Torba took advantage of the disenchantment with Silicon Valley liberalism to offer “Gab” as an absolute free speech social media site with a 300-character post limit.

The invitation-only start-up has been wildly successful, and Gab now has a waitlist of tens of thousands. Torba calls Gab a counterweight to “modern social networking platforms [that] are rife with censorship, opacity and inscrutable rules governing harassment.”

Torba is one of over a thousand entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley who received Y Combinator “angel” venture capital micro-funding of $17,000 for 7 percent of his previous startup, Kuhcoon, which is now known as Automate Ads.

crowned Y Combinator as “the world’s most powerful start-up incubator” for launching 13 mega-unicorns, reaching $50 billion valuations, including AirBnb, Dropbox, Zenefits, Stripe, Instacart, Docker, Twitch Interactive, Mixpanel, DoorDash, ZenPayroll, Reddit, Coinbase and Weebly.

As a serial entrepreneur, one of the perks of receiving YC start-up dollars and advice is the right to be a participant in the 3,000 member “Bookface” private online community, where current and former Y Combinator members socialize, network, and hire each other.

Despite being an alumni member with Gab as a hot Silicon Valley start-up, Torba says he was exiled from the exclusive YC social media network after the election by “censorship-happy” Y Combinator President Sam Altman, who endorsed Hillary Clinton.

(Altman’s Twitter page states: “Twitter advice: He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster.”)

When Trump won, Torba took some Facebook screenshots and turned them into pro-Trump memes on Twitter, such as “Build the Wall.” Supposedly, this caught the attention of a number of Y Combinator online community members, and one posted: “Tomorrow, being Hispanic, Black or a woman in the USA is going to be scary. I’m scared. For real, I want to go home.”

As a result of apparently being deemed a “monster” for posting “Build the Wall,” Y Combinator’s in-house attorney Jon Levy called Torba to state that he was completely removed from the YC network and directory, and was not welcome in the community.

Torba says Levy stated: “We realize that you are entitled to free speech, but with how sensitive everything is right now we felt this was the best decision.”

Torba’s ultimate crime seems to be that he responded to a couple of YC founders harassing him over his “understanding of immigration law, trying to make me look like an idiot” with the Twitter post:

“All of you: fuck off. Take your morally superior, elitist, virtue signaling bullshit and shove it. I call it like I see it, and I helped meme a President into office, cucks.”


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