CA Dem Barbara Lee Goes on Twitter Rant Against Steve Bannon

Reuters/Jason Reed
Reuters/Jason Reed

California Rep. Barbara Lee, former Black Caucus Chair who had trouble endorsing former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, took to Twitter this week to let her East Bay constituents know that “I’m with you” and against Stephen K. Bannon, who she referred to as a “bigot”.

Sen. Lee used the “Stop Bannon” and “No Normalization” hashtags to procure her claims:

Earlier in the week the Anti-Defamation League backed down and retracted such accusations against Breitbart’s former Executive Chairman and President-elect Donald Trump’s chief White House strategist.

Lee joins Democratic Sen. Harry Reid in her condemnation of Trump’s “dangerous” selection.

The self-described “Progressive Democrat” Lee also went on a Twitter rant this week, attacking Trump, members of the Republican Party and Trump’s cabinet position picks:

Sen. Lee also found issue with Trump’s attorney general pick, Sen. Jeff Sessions and retired General Mike Flynn as his national security advisor:

However, her list of ills towards Bannon were so long that she told her constituents, “don’t even get me started”:

Lee, who ran for reelection this past year, blew out her Republican opponent Sue Carro in San Francisco’s deeply liberal Bay Area to maintain her seat as the incumbent in the 13th Congressional District.

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