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Barbara Lee

California Cubans Celebrate Fidel Castro’s Death

Cuban-Americans in Southern California were overjoyed at the news of Fidel Castro’s death on Friday, as the dictator who clung to power for decades and drove many to flee to the United States finally passed.

(FILES) Cuban President Fidel Castro checks his watch while watching the traditional Labor Day parade attended by thousands of people in Havana's Plaza of the Revolution, May 1, 1998. Castro resigned on February 19, 2008 as president and commander in chief of Cuba in a message published in the online …

CA Dem Barbara Lee Goes on Twitter Rant Against Steve Bannon

California Rep. Barbar Lee, former Black Caucus Chair who had trouble endorsing former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, took to Twitter this week to let her East Bay constituents know that she’s “with” them and against Stephen K. Bannon, who she referred to as a “bigot”.

Reuters/Jason Reed

Exclusive–Jamiel Shaw Sr: Obama, Barbara Lee ‘Didn’t Invite My Family to the SOTU’ Because an Illegal Alien Killed My Son

“The illegal alien gangbanger who executed my son was in jail on gun charges and was given an early release, and murdered my son the next day,” said Jamiel Shaw Sr. exclusively to Breitbart News. “I’m not surprised Barbara Lee didn’t call and invite me and my family to the State of the Union. I’m not surprised President Obama didn’t call me and invite me and my family.”

AP Photo/Nick Ut

California Protesters in Solidarity with New #EricGarner Cause

Protestors across California shut down roads and a freeway Thursday during demonstrations in solidarity with activists across the nation who are outraged by the non-indictment of police officers in the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in

California Protesters in Solidarity with New #EricGarner Cause

Dem Rep to Illegal Minors: 'I Felt Ashamed' of America

Tuesday at the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ Ad-Hoc Hearing on the humanitarian crisis of unaccompanied minors flooding across the U.S.-Mexico border, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) said she “felt ashamed” her country has handled the influx of illegal immigrant children After hearing

Dem Rep to Illegal Minors: 'I Felt Ashamed' of America