How Long Until Hillary’s Utopia Escapes California?

Hillary Clinton on March 23, 2016 in Stanford, California.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

While blue states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan turned red for Trump, California turned a deeper shade of blue.

Liberals claim to hate “walls,” but they’re working overtime to erect a massive wall between Hillary Clinton’s Utopia (California) and Trump’s America.

And there’s no longer any real resistance behind that big, blue wall that houses Hillary’s Utopia.

The now defunct California GOP lost even more seats in the Assembly, in what can only be described as a massacre.

The Republican stronghold of Orange County turned blue. Not that it matters anymore.

In order to remain relevant, the same GOP establishment that worked overtime to distance themselves from Republican Nominee Donald J. Trump took a hard left turn.

Big mistake. Huge.

In the year that Trump’s brand of politics — taking tough stances on hard-core issues that the GOP establishment would rather soft-shoe — was a winning formula, the California Republican establishment tried to blend in with the Democrats.

And the GOP lost its only claim to relevance — namely, staving off the supermajority so that Democrats could no longer binge spend, and then raise taxes to cover.

Forget the supermajority. The Democrats don’t need it to raise taxes anymore; they convinced voters to raise taxes themselves by voting for ballot measures to penalize two groups Democrats love to hate: “Big Tobacco,” and “Rich People.”

In Hillary’s Utopia, voters voted to tax cigarettes an additional $2 per pack in order to discourage smoking — cigarettes, that is. On the same ballot they voted to legalize — and, in essence, encourage — smoking as long as it’s marijuana, not tobacco.

In Hillary’s Utopia, voters extended 2012’s Proposition 30 — what the authors once dubbed a “temporary tax increase” on the so-called “rich”  (high wage earners and business owners) — for another 12 years.

What they don’t tell the hardworking Californians fooled into voting for it? The money from this confiscation of capital will be used for to pay for, among other things: “free college tuition” and healthcare for illegal aliens; segregated “safe spaces” on public college campuses; and the massive confiscation of entire classifications of guns and high-capacity magazines from law-abiding citizens.

In Hillary’s Utopia , the new restrictions placed upon law-abiding gun owners — such as a permit requirement complete with a background check simply to buy ammo —a re always sold as ways to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but they ignore reality. Criminals will simply buy ammo on the black market or out of state — and soon, “law-abiding” citizens-turned-outlaws will, too.

Adding insult to injury, Proposition 57 — brainchild of Governor “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown — reclassifying many violent crimes as “non-violent,” also passed.

In Hillary’s Utopia, the way to deal with skyrocketing crime is to set more criminals free while criminalizing the law-abiding, and taking away their only way of protecting themselves.

In Hillary’s Utopia, a lot of voters were shocked the day after the election when grocery stores began requiring $0.10 per bag if you want to carry home your groceries in paper or plastic. The reaction was instantaneous. Angry customers began pushing their carts to their cars with no bags—throwing all their purchases into cargo nets, boxes or miscellaneous compartments.

In Hillary’s Utopia, ignorance knows no bounds: many shoppers blamed Trump for the ten-cent bag tax. And he hasn’t even been sworn in yet.

Most people were completely unaware that Proposition 67 was a referendum on the plastic bag ban (SB 270) passed through the legislature and signed into law in 2014. The law banned the thin reusable plastic bags that are so convenient in favor of forcing consumers who failed to bring their own “reuseable” bags to pay $0.10 per bag for a much heavier grade, government-approved “re-useable” plastic bag or the old-fashioned recycled paper bag.

In Hillary’s Utopia, the simultaneous passage of Proposition 65 takes the money collected from the new plastic bag tax away from the grocers. Instead it will go to something called the Wildlife Conservation Fund.

What does that mean to the oblivious public living in Hillary’s Utopia? Grocery prices will go up — hurting those who can least afford it — to offset the $0.10 per bag “forced contribution.”

When working people find out that EBT & WIC (welfare) recipients don’t have to pay for bags, the outrage is universal.

In Hillary’s Utopia, everything is opposite reality. Up is down, left is right, fact is fiction — but above all, right is wrong.

Remove choices, steal from the working poor to subsidize the non-working entitled and illegal alien class, then spend, spend, spend. Raise taxes “on the rich” and the working poor every chance you get, to cover the overspending. Then sell all “free stuff” in exchange for votes. Get re-elected, and repeat.

Thank God that the rest of the country rejected Hillary’s Utopia.

Now if we could just keep Hillary’s Utopia contained between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific forever so that it never escapes and destroys the rest of the country…


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