VIDEO: Women Use Fists, Cars as Weapons in Fight for Parking Space

Parking space brawl (Screen shot / Grindface_tv)
Screen shot / Grindface_tv

Two women drivers in South Los Angeles became involved in a dangerous brawl on Sunday, which escalated into a “demolition derby,” and ended with one of the female drivers smashing her white Toyota SUV into a fire hydrant.

Local ABC 7 called the fight an “apparent argument over a parking space.”

Video of the incident, which took place in the small parking lot of a local market and laundromat on South Western Avenue and 84th Street, was captured by Grind Face TV:

It is unclear who starts the fight. However, the owner of the white SUV (a Toyota) is dragged to the ground by the owner of the silver SUV (a BMW) and is punched and battered while she is down. She appears to wet her jeans from the shock of the incident. When the woman from the BMW re-enters her car, the owner of the Toyota tries attacking her again.

Another female passenger of the BMW shouts, “B*tch, get the f*ck off my car, b*tch.” Then, another woman takes a hammer and smashes the back light of the Toyota, likely setting the stage for what happens next.

The owner of the Toyota revs her engine and smashes her car into the BMW, forcing the open passenger-side door forward, nearly taking it off.

A man can be heard shouting “World Star!” in the background — a reference to the World Star Hip Hop site, where users often post videos of street brawls and impromptu fights that are then shared widely on social media.

The videos show the two vehicles smashing into each other until the Toyota drives, head on, into the parked silver BMW, which has at this point moved to the street. The Toyota then mows down a fire hydrant, leaving water spewing all over the place.

LAPD Public Information Officer Tony Im told Breitbart News that the women each filed police reports on the other. “Two reports were taken,” Officer Im said. “It’s going to be ADW with the vehicle. Attack with a Deadly Weapon and the vehicle being the weapon.” He added that since the women filed a cross-complaint on each other, there will be a thorough investigation. He noted that if they are convicted, there could be jail time; the length of the sentence will depend on their criminal past, if any.

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