Street Artist Posts Anti-Google Ads Outside Company Offices Following Damore Firing

Anti-Google street art created by Sabo

Right-wing street artist Sabo has posted anti-Google advertisements outside the company’s offices in Los Angeles following the firing of former employee James Damore.

One advert, plastered on a bench, featured a modified Google logo that read “Goolag,” and had a fake search bar below that said, “Search for diversity of thought somewhere else.”

Other posters featured the iconic “think different” image of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs juxtaposed against an image of Google CEO Sundar Pichai and the label “not so much.”

Street artist Sabo quickly took credit for the work, making a series of anti-Google tweets to accompany the posters.

Former Google employee James Damore was fired from his position at Google this week after publishing a viewpoint diversity manifesto, which examined reasons why there are fewer women in tech jobs and called for more ideological diversity in Google’s workplace.

In a memo, Google CEO Sundar Pichai claimed Damore had advanced “harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace,” despite the fact that numerous psychologists, male and female, deemed the manifesto to be scientifically accurate.

Over 50 percent of Google employees are reported to have disagreed with the firing of Damore, and even a columnist for The New York Times called for Pichai’s resignation following the incident.

Just this week, Sabo also plastered “F*ck Zuck 2020” posters around California, after it was reported that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had hired a top Hillary Clinton campaign strategist.

Sabo has previously taken aim at Hillary ClintonHollywoodCaitlyn JennerKim Jong-UnLeonardo DiCaprio, and various anti-Trump celebrities who claimed they would leave the country if he were elected.

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