Las Vegas Attack Victim Shot in Head Awakes from Coma and Walks

Tina Frost, 27, who was shot in the head by Stephen Paddock during the Las Vegas attack at a country music concert, awoke from a coma and walked three steps to a chair and three steps back to her bed on Friday. This photo with her mother, Mary Moreland, was …

A Las Vegas attack victim who was shot in the head awoke from a coma and was able to walk three steps to a chair and three steps back to her bed on Friday.

The victim, 27-year-old Tina Frost, was also able to follow requests to squeeze a nurse’s hands and kick her legs back and forth.

This progress is amazing considering that Frost was shot in the head, causing enough damage that her right eye and a forehead bone had to be removed.

According to the Washington Post, when doctors examined Frost’s left eye a few days after the attack, the retina “appeared normal.” Nonetheless, doctors say Frost has a long road to recovery.

Frost’s family is keeping a journal of each success. Some of what they wrote in the days leading up to Frost’s taking her first steps on Friday are:

Oct. 7: “Her kidneys and liver have started to work and are doing well.”

Oct 10: “Tina kicked her legs back and forth when asked, stopped when asked, and then kicked again when asked!”

Oct. 11: “Best news yet on our Tina! She followed nurse Christina’s commands when she told her to squeeze her hands and move her toes.”

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Frost’s surgeon, Dr. Keith Blum, described Frost’s condition as “miraculous” that she is even alive, much less recovering at such a pace. He pointed out that the shattering of the forehead bone actually gave her brain room to swell, thereby saving her life:

Blum said, “It’s quite miraculous that her injury at one point could have taken her life. But instead, the way the injury happened kind of helped save her.”

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