Hollywood Star, Immigrant Antonio Sabato, Jr.: I Support Trump’s Border Wall

Anthony Sabato Jr. (Joe Raedle / Getty)
Joe Raedle / Getty

Actor, immigrant, and Republican congressional candidate Antonio Sabato, Jr. said in a video posted by the Daily Caller that he fully supports President Donald Trump’s border wall along the United States-Mexico border.

Sabato is running against incumbent Democrat Rep. Julia Brownley in California’s 26th congressional district. He says he’s running because he wants to give back to the country that gave him his freedom and opportunities.

“I came to the United States legally and I’m proud of that,” Sabato says in the video. “And more than ever, we need a wall. A big wall with a nice, open door. Come here legally.”

Sabato went on to note, “There is no country without a border and a wall is a perfect answer. Walls work.”

He noted that the United States spends $126 billion on immigration annually, saying, “Every 12 months, California alone spends $26 billion. We can use that money and spend it on homelessness. We can spend it on our veterans.” He said that money could be used to built the wall today and paid for by the United Staes.

“And we can certainly spend it on a wall that’s going to protect the American people and save our money,” he said. “These are our taxpayer money. The American people deserve more.”

Last month, President Donald Trump threatened to shut down the government if both Republican and Democratic lawmakers do not fully fund his border wall and see that his immigration policies are enacted.

Sabato told the Daily Caller that “bureaucrats and private interest and the Democrats and the liberals don’t want it [the wall] because they want an open border. They want everyone to come in so they can sell their programs. These are false ideas for the American people. And the American people deserve so much more.”

“We need to put America and Americans first,” Sabato said in his video interview. “You know, with human trafficking, drug trafficking, and so much more coming to our country, we need to protect the United States and I believe this is the right time to build a nice wall that’s going to protect the American people.”

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