Customer Leaves $5,000 Tip for Server Grieving Her Dog’s Loss

A waitress is holding a tray with dirty dishes and leftover food. Waitress cleaning the table in a restaurant. The concept of service.
Igor Vershinsky/Getty Images

A server at a Florida restaurant going through a rough time received a very nice surprise at the end of her shift.

WFTS reported that a customer dining at Clear Sky Beachside Café in Clearwater Beach, Florida, had a meal which totaled up to slightly under $60.

But the customer decided to write in a tip nearly 100 times that amount in the section of the receipt that allows for a tip.

The tip came at just the right time for the server, Ryan, who had put her dog down earlier in the week, according to a statement from the restaurant.

The customer’s identity has not been revealed.

This customer is not the first to make news for this kind of viral Good Samaritan act.

In January, an anonymous New Jersey police officer left a $100 tip and a kind note to a pregnant waitress struggling to make ends meet at a diner so she could raise her child.


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