WATCH: Rafters Plunge over Pennsylvania Waterfall

Authorities rescued a group of rafters on Saturday after they were tossed over a waterfall at Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania.

Cody Veronie, who caught the incident on video, wrote about the dramatic moment on his Facebook page.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen and wasn’t part of the guided trip. We watched all the rafters go over and stood there waiting to see if everyone came out. We couldn’t tell from where the video is so we went over to the visitor’s center and everyone was coming up. We asked and thankfully everyone was okay and came out alive,” he said.

Reports state that the individuals, four men and two women, had rented the raft and missed a turn earlier in their journey. They also failed to see the “Danger beyond this point” warning sign as the raft neared the steep waterfall.

Those watching from the shoreline shouted to warn them, but by that time the current was so strong, the rafters were unable to paddle to safety.

Officials on a nearby observation deck were immediately told about the incident and responded quickly to rescue the group from the water.

Park operations manager Kenneth Bisbee said all six of the rafters lived through the harrowing incident because they were wearing life jackets, adding that the jackets are much like seat belts when it comes to safety.

He said:

We fortunately got all six of them fairly quickly. The great thing about it is, just like wearing a seat belt in your car, how important that is, all six of them had their life jackets on. So when they went over the falls, that was probably the thing that saved them, and that’s why they’re with us today.

Bisbee told reporters that once the rafters were rescued, they were mostly emotionally shaken but received medical attention for minor scrapes and bruises.

“They really didn’t do anything wrong other than missing the signs. And, like I said, there’s three different sets of signs that they would have missed. Other than that, they did everything right,” he concluded.


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