WATCH: Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Washington Highway

A KR2 single propeller airplane was forced to make an emergency landing on a busy highway in Parkland, Washington, on Thursday.

Washington State Trooper Clint Thompson’s dashcam caught the moment the small airplane made the landing due to a system malfunction that caused the plane to stall.

The video showed the small craft as it swooped down over the highway and Thompson’s patrol car. Reports said Thompson then turned his car around to follow the plane and block traffic to clear the roadway.

Once the plane landed safely, pilot David Acklam exited the craft and with Thompson’s help, proceeded to move the plane off the highway.

“In 21 years, I would say that’s the first time I ever went across the radio and said that there’s a plane that landed on Pacific Avenues,” Thompson told reporters.

Acklam said he was on his way to work from a small airstrip in Yelm when he lost power. “I was flying to work, my engine quit,” he commented.

Dennis Diessner, a motorist who was driving down Pacific Avenue when the event occurred, said it was “unbelievable.”

“You don’t see a plane landing every day on Pacific Avenue. … I realized what it was and I thought, ‘Jesus Christ, he’s gonna land right on me,'” he said. “When he went by me, I could’ve reached out and touched the tip of his wing. That’s how close I was to that plane.”

Acklam later said he was thankful for the help of the state trooper, adding that Thompson’s actions probably saved his life and others.

“Probably saved me from either serious injury or death,” he said. “And somebody else from getting into a car crash with a plane. So thanks to the state patrol, and it’s a good day to be alive.”

KIRO 7 reported that the Federal Aviation Administration is currently investigating the incident.


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