Washington State

Slap on the Wrist: Washington State Fines Facebook $25 Million Fine for Campaign Finance Violations

Facebook (now known as Meta) was fined almost $25 million on Wednesday for intentionally and repeatedly violating Washington State’s campaign finance laws. Attorney General Bob Ferguson claims it is the largest campaign finance penalty ever issued in the United States, but the fine is less than a rounding error for Mark Zuckerberg’s giant, which enjoyed annual profits of $46.7 billion in 2021.

Mark Zuckerberg at Georgetown

Protesters Target Suburbs in Washington State

Antifa protesters took to the streets of two Washington State suburban communities Saturday night. The black bloc protesters (wearing all black) were on the streets of the Seattle suburbs of Bellvue and Bainbridge Island.

Protesters in black bloc take to streets of Seattle suburbs. (Twitter Video )Screenshot/Katie Daviscourt)

Washington State: Prison Riot over Coronavirus Cases

SEATTLE (AP) — Inmates at a Washington state prison staged a large protest following new coronavirus diagnoses at the facility and health officials say they continue to see high numbers of cases in the state’s long-term care facilities.

A man does maintenance work at the Monroe Correctional Complex in Monroe, Wash., in a 2016 photo. At least six inmates in a minimum-security unit of the prison have tested positive for the coronavirus.