WATCH: Secret Santa Surprises Pregnant Widow with Headstone, Car

An Idaho Secret Santa surprised a pregnant mother who lost her husband and her 13-year-old sister in a car crash with a headstone for her husband and a car.

Brittany Jenkins’ husband, Austin, and Brittany’s 13-year-old sister Mariah Jensen died in a horrible car crash in October, East Idaho News reported.

Austin was going to medical school at the time, and since the crash, Brittany has moved home with her parents in Pocatello, Idaho.

She is preparing for a baby due in June, which she plans to name Austin if its a boy and Mariah if its a girl.

Secret Santa, the one that has been all over East Idaho, heard of Brittany’s situation and asked Nate Eaton, news director of East Idaho News, to deliver some special gifts to her this holiday season.

As Eaton presented Brittany with her first gift, the headstone, tears welled up in her eyes.

But her tears turned to excitement when Eaton presented her with her second gift.

“Are you kidding me?” she asked when she saw the car keys. “Merry Christmas, you got a new car!” Eaton said.

“Well Secret Santa, whoever you are, thank you,” Brittany said as she put the car keys into the ignition of her car.


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