WATCH – Citizens Flip Car to Rescue Trapped Driver: ‘People Here Just Care’

John Escobedo
John Escobedo

A group of concerned citizens came together to rescue a driver from a dangerous situation Monday in San Antonio, Texas.

The group was seen flipping an overturned car right side up at approximately 8:00 a.m. near Loop 410 and Moursound Boulevard, News 4 San Antonio reported.

A man named John Escobedo recorded what happened and said he witnessed the driver lose control. When the car turned over, Escobedo alerted other people nearby and the rescue mission began.

The video footage showed multiple people working in the rain to flip the car back on its wheels. The scene unfolded on a median as other cars and trucks passed on the nearby road:

Group of drivers flip over crashed car

Watch as these hero drivers stop and work together to flip over a car that had crashed and rolled over in the rain this morning on Loop 410 near Moursund Blvd. on the South Side. (📹 John Escobedo)We’re updating details on this event as they come in here:

Posted by News 4 San Antonio on Monday, August 15, 2022

Once the car was back on its right side, the group knew they had to rescue the person still in the driver’s seat.

“Break it, break it!” someone behind the camera said as one man was seen holding what appeared to be a tool.

Moments later, a man in a white shirt grabbed the tool and struck the car window trying to break the glass in order to free the occupant.

“Pull him out, pull him out!” the person behind the camera yelled. It was not long before the others got the door open and were seen attending to the individual inside.

“Make sure he’s not injured,” the person behind the camera advised them as they tried to help the driver.

Social media users who watched the clip praised the good Samaritans for their efforts.

“These people are amazing! The world needs more people like this. Perfect example of Humanitiy at its finest,” one person wrote.

“Only in the southside. Always people willing to help. No matter how dangerous or the condition the situation is. People out here just care. Making the impossible, possible. We in the southside are blessed,” another replied.

According to Escobedo, the driver was conscious when emergency crews arrived to assist. The person’s condition was not immediately reported.

A similar instance occurred recently when several Rome High School football players saved a woman in Georgia when they saw a car crash near their campus.

The young men ran towards the scene and extracted the woman from the car, then they moved her to a safe place before checking on the people in the other car.


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