WATCH: Louisiana Family’s Dog Claims World Record for Longest Tongue

A three-year-old dog in Metairie, Louisiana, is getting a lot of attention for her sweet attitude and record-breaking tongue.

Zoey is a Labrador/German Shepherd mix who Guinness World Records said Friday holds the record for the longest tongue on a living dog.

“Her tongue is a whopping 12.7 cm (5 in) long. That’s longer than a soda can!” the organization said, noting that when Zoey was younger, it used to hang out of her mouth often.

Images show the happy dog relaxing and panting with her long pink tongue hanging out:

Owners Sadie and Drew Williams figured that as she got older it would not matter so much, but she apparently did not “grow into it” as they had hoped. But she is still deeply loved by her family.

According to Drew, the length is most noticeable after she has play sessions outside, when she slobbers on everything.

“So sometime last year we took her to the vet and measured her tongue,” he said. It was not long before she got recognition for having the longest one.

According to the Richmond Valley Veterinary Practice, a dog’s tongue performs many functions, including swallowing, eating, regulating body temperature. It can also affect their bark.

“Similar to how human’s tongue influences the way they speak, a dog’s tongue has a major role to play in influencing the sound of his bark. It has been noticed that the size of the tongue influences the sound of your dog’s bark,” the practice’s website says.

Despite her interesting feature, Zoey is like any other dog who loves to be outside, play fetch, chase squirrels, take rides in the car, and go swimming.

Video footage shows the pup casually using her massive tongue to lick her snout and lap up some refreshing water:

Longest Tongue On A Dog – Guinness World Records

Introducing Zoey, the canine superstar with a tongue that's breaking records and stealing hearts! 🐾👅

Posted by Guinness World Records on Friday, June 2, 2023

“Zoey’s record-breaking accomplishment comes nearly three months after Bisbee broke the record with a tongue measuring 9.49 cm (3.74 in),” Guinness said.


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