Terror Twins Become Teenage Widows as Fighter Husbands Killed

Terror Twins Become Teenage Widows as Fighter Husbands Killed

Two British twins who fled to Syria to become ‘jihadi brides’ have both become widows. Salma and Zahra Halane left their home in Chorlton, Greater Manchester, in June to fly to Turkey in the middle of the night as their parents lay sleeping.

The Express reports that the seventeen-year-olds, who scored very high grades in school leaving exams, were thought to have travelled to the war torn region to join their brother, Ahmed, 21, who is understood to have become an IS fighter last year.

The siblings from a large Somalian family were said to be “deeply religious” and security officials say they may never leave Syria alive.

Their mother, Khadra Jama, was captured by IS fighters as she went out to look for her two daughters – known as the ‘terror twins’.

Only a few weeks ago, Zahra posted a picture of herself on twitter posing with an AK-47, a knife and a grenade as well as an IS flag.

She took to twitter to announce the death of her 19 year old husband, Ali Kalantar, with whom she had been living in Manbij, northern Syria, saying:

“May Allah accept my husband @AliAlfarsiii who got his shahadah [final reckoning] in Iraq. Two days ago.

Kalantar, who used the handle @Alialfarsiii, had on his own twitter page:

“You only die once so why dont you make it martyr? KIK-GuidedMustafa”

Zahra said she hoped to join her husband, who is thought to have died on 4th December, in heaven. She tweeted:

“He was a blessing from Allah swt [heart] please make dua [prayers] Allah accepts him and I will join him very sooooon :’)”

She later said that her brother-in-law had also been killed when she wrote on the social networking site:

“My twin sister @bint_ibrah3m husband got shahadah too the same time as mine LOOL we made hijrah [migration] together now iddah [widows] together.”

It has been recorded that so far 32 British IS fighters have been killed fighting for the Islamic terrorists in the Middle East, although the true figure is likely to be much higher. Some 500 Britons have been estimated to have made the trip to join the fundamentalist fighters over the past year.

Zahra did not shy away from expressing her extremist beliefs on the internet. She had previously posted a picture of a militant fighter holding the Koran and tweeted a photo of a rifle besides the religious text with the words “Fight in the way of Allah”.

Her account features an image of a figure wearing a veil and shouldering a rifle.

Her husband’s twitter account included a post saying that Islam was not a religion of peace:

“Why don’t these suger (sic) coated mozlems understand that Islam was also spread by sword not flowers & perfumes?”

And he posted a picture of an IS fighter with a rifle alongside a quotation from the Koran urging Muslims to fight non believers until only the religion of Islam is left.

Users have taken to twitter to mock the two girls and express delight that their husbands have been killed.

Counter terrorism officers are continuing their investigation into the disappearance of the girls.