New PEGIDA Danish Chapter Says ‘No Racists Allowed’

Denmark Rally

As the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) movement continues to grow, with new branches across the continent, the Danish chapter has told ‘racists’ they are not welcome.

Following in the footsteps of tens of thousands of ‘strollers’ in Germany who have enjoyed peaceful, arrest-free marches a Facebook message for an upcoming Danish event reads: “you should stay away if you are racist, a Nazi or look ‘militant”.

Speaking to, the Denmark PEGIDA organiser Nicolai Sennels said: “We want to avoid this getting high-jacked by some idiots or racists. That would be a pity, because there are a lot of completely normal Danish people – school teachers, my mother, etc – who don’t necessarily vote for the right wing but who should be able to voice their aversion to this violent type of Islam”.

“We followed the movement for some time [in Germany] to see what sort of movement it is. We read the reports from Germany and German opinion polls and they all came out showing that this was a positive and popular movement with all layers of society coming out”.

Like the German events, the meeting will not be a ‘march’, which Sennels says is too militant, but instead will be an “evening stroll” suitable for families.

The German establishment has taken every opportunity to slander the PEGIDA movement, with a senior member of the government accusing the group of being made up of “Pinstripe Nazis”, and the Chancellor saying they had “prejudice, coldness, even hatred in their hearts”. Addressing the nation in her new year’s speech, Chancellor Merkel called on Germans not to join the movement.