Number of Migrants in Britain Increases by Half a Million in Just Three Years

Crowded Britain Reuters

A remarkable 565,000 migrants came to the UK between 2011 and 2014, with a disproportionately large number of those settling in the UK making their new home in the multicultural metropolis, London, new research shows.

The report, released by academics at the University of Oxford aims to present a more up-to-date view of the British population than the infrequent census, last taken in 2011, even if the figures are reached through informed estimates rather than head-counts.

The figures show London and the South-East, already Britain’s most densely populated area was the most popular destination for migrants, with half moving there. Less than one-in-twenty migrants arriving in the past three years chose to settle in England’s North East, reports The Independent.

Although the number of people involved is significant, it is small change compared to the migration figures the United Kingdom enjoyed under the last Labour government, which resulted in 3.6 million newly arrived residents. Annual net migration under Labour was nearly double the level it runs at today, at some 277,000 more people arriving every year more than left.

The sudden arrival of large numbers of young migrants presents Britain with unique demographic changes unlike anything before seen. Breitbart London reported last year on a paper by Migration Watch on ‘hidden migration’, the idea that when millions of young, fertile migrants arrive their demographic change created by their children is far more significant.

Contrasting the comparatively high fertility rate of new arrivals to the flat-lining reproductive levels of long established Britons, more concerned with careers and independence than the next generation, the report highlighted the rapidly changing face of Britain. Today, 84-percent of all population growth in the UK is down to migrants, but in just twenty-five years that figure could reach 100 percent.

It is thanks to these trends that Britain has the fastest growing population in Europe.

Speaking at the time of the report, the chairman of Migration Watch Sir Andrew Green said of the findings: “The reality is that even if net migration is brought down to 165,000 a year, we will, in the next 25 years, have to build the equivalent of ten cities the size of Birmingham — amounting to almost twice the population of Scotland.

“This would place enormous stress on our already creaking infrastructure and on our environment. and it would also change the nature of British society for ever”.